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    Default "Teree Sang can make us but not break us" - Anupam Kher

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    By Joginder Tuteja, August 6, 2009 - 12:01 IST

    Anupam Kher Ever since he began his career in Bollywood, Anupam Kher has been seen wearing different hats. With Teree Sang, he is being seen as a producer along with Satish Kaushik and together they have floated the banner 'Karol Bagh Film and Entertainment'. While in last few weeks, Anupam Kher has been seen as an actor in films like Morning Walk, Sankat City and Perfect Mismatch, this Friday he has a different role to play as his production Teree Sang hits the screens. He chats with Joginder Tuteja and talks about the inception of his production house, his confidence in the film in spite of massive competition surrounding his film and the time that Teree Sang has taken to reach the finishing line.

    How did Teree Sang happen?
    When Satish (Kaushik) narrated the film's script to me, I simply loved it. I there and then decided to make this film. Sounds simple, right? But that's true because it was actually as simple as that. Both Satish and I love each other. I used to stay in his house in Delhi before I became an actor. We share similar temperament. We decided to launch a production house and bring the film under its banner. Since both of us are quite earthy people, we thought of Karol Bagh Film and Entertainment as the name of our production house. Karol Bagh is truly the heart of India and Satish was particularly attached to it since he hails from that locality. It was all locked and sealed there and then and we soon began working on the film.

    Teree Sang is a fantastic representation of modern India
    With youngsters at the helm of affairs, weren't you apprehensive about Teree Sang?
    On the contrary, I continue to be quite positive about Teree Sang because it comes with that ability to connect with the youth. The hero isn't someone who is macho or a cool dude while the heroine too is not an overtly docile or a brat girl. They represent the youth of today and that gives the film its edge.

    Can you please elaborate?
    See, Teree Sang is a fantastic representation of modern India. It's a very youthful film and to be honest, I wasn't too sure earlier on if Satish would be the right choice to direct it. Later when I saw the film, I congratulated him and told him that he had surpassed himself.

    Anupam Kher And how about the newcomers?
    Mark my words; they would be the next heartthrobs of the nation.

    The film was completed way back in 2007 so why did it take such a long time to arrive in theaters?
    Who said that the film was completed in 2007? We began work in 2007 but since then there has been constant work happening on the film. Dubbing happened after a while; even an entirely new soundtrack was created with some portions of song picturisation also carried out. Work on post production also got through only a few days back.

    The right release period is important too, isn't it?
    Exactly. See, when you have newcomers, it is better to release the film carefully. One has to look at the best release timing for a film. Look at Khosla Ka Ghosla (which was ready for 3 years) or A Wednesday (which was completed a year before it's release) - they were very good films and worked because they took their own time in arriving at theaters with the right marketing and promotion behind them.

    You come at a time when Love Aaj Kal has done bumper all over, Kaminey and Life Partner follow a week later while there is competition from Agyaat. Isn't it being a part of too heavy a rush?
    Dekho, rush to hamesha hi rahega, you can't run away from that. We can't fight with something like this and neither should we even try that. Audiences are intelligent and they know what to see and what not to see. Otherwise why has 2009 seen so many biggies failing in 3 days flat? We have mounted the film well and given it the right promotion. The product is out in the market and now we have to see the results.

    For your very first film as co-producers, wasn't it risky for you and Satish Kaushik to start with an offbeat subject of teenage pregnancy?
    We wanted to take small steps and in any case neither Satish nor I are in any hurry. My career is going fine while Satish too has been directing films on a regular basis. Both of us have our own identity and a standing that we have built over the years. No one can take that away from us. In any case, Teree Sang is not the end of the world for us. The film can help make us but it will not break us!

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