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    Default Tabu reveals it all!

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    Only a few leading ladies would have chosen to be Sowmya in Kandukondein Kandukondein, despite the fact that it was a Rajeev Menon film and had music by AR Rahman.

    Choosing to play Sowmya meant that the lady would have to be “unlucky” throughout the film and look grim and serious, while her sister Meenakshi would get to romance a charming man and express a plethora of emotions.

    However, actress Tabu went ahead and chose to be Sowmya. “It’s a film that I still cherish,” she starts off, “I knew Rajeev’s sensibilities after I watched Sapnay (Minsara Kanavu in Tamil). I knew the kind of cinema he had to offer and jumped at the role when he offered it to me. I only do things that I’m comfortable with.”
    She continues the practice even today, and everything — be it films, public appearances or friends — is primarily determined by the comfort level. Her comfort level with actress Revathi, along with her closeness to the many issues that differently-abled people face, has brought her to Chennai this time. “I feel very connected to the issue,” says she, “It’s very important that we have wheelchairs and ramps in public places and give the differently-abled their due.”

    The actress comes across as a serious person both onscreen and off it. Is she a serious person in real life and, as a result, someone who misses out on fun and enjoyment? “Well, I just get a little serious about some things. I can’t take everything lightly. If it means something to me, I take it very seriously,” she adds, “For instance, I take my characters seriously. Also, I take my role as a public person very seriously.”

    Talking about roles, she’s still waiting for that one elusive character that’ll give her ample scope for performance. “I’d like to play a warrior queen one day,” she reveals. Does she think that audiences have matured to accept female protagonists? “No, I don’t think that the audience is really ready for that yet,” she states matter-of-factly, “Males are still majorly considered as role models and heroes in the eyes of the audience. Films are a mere reflection of society.” However, she doesn’t believe in dumbing down the audience completely. “That’s not fair at all,” she says, “Filmmakers have to continue telling their stories.” Is direction on the cards sometime soon? “That’s the natural progress from acting, I guess,” she says, “But, I don’t want to do anything until I get hold of the right subject. There’s a lot of stress involved in direction, and I don’t know if I’m ready to take that at this point of time.”



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