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    Default Sushmita Sen walks off with Salman’s painting..

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    Sushmita Sen now owns a Salman Khan painting. Okay! We are very well aware of how Salman Khan loves to gift his painting to his near and dear ones. But, Sushmita Sen wasn’t gifted one instead took it off his wall and carried it home with her.
    Sush has always been in awe of Sallu’s paintings. It is learnt that the Bengali babe has been requesting Sallu for the last two years to part from this particular painting which shows a man with closed eyes holding beads and praying. Also, the artist has not given his subject a forehead, leaving in doubt his religion. Hindus, Muslims, as well as Christians all use prayer beads while praying.
    Sushmita not only liked the painting but also understood it well.
    About becoming the owner of the painting, Sush tells a tabloid, “I am thrilled to have one of the finest paintings Salman has ever painted “Jesus with his beads” in prayer! Salman was forced to gift it to me and I will cherish it for my whole life!”

    Lucky lady must say!!



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