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    Default How Sush got sexy again!

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    For the first time, Sushmita talks about how she went from flab to fab in
    forty-five days

    Sushmita Sen’s sudden weight gain earned her enough flak to last a lifetime but her recent appearance at the inauguration of a spa left everyone speechless. In a matter of months, she went from rotund to fabulously sexy and svelte. While everybody has been keen to know what she did to again look every inch the glamorous star in a really short time, for the very first time she tells Mumbai Mirror why she gained weight and how she fought off her weight issues.

    Explaining the reason for the sudden weight gain, Sushmita said, “I was asked to gain weight for my role in Do Knot Disturb. David and Vashuji wanted me to gain 14 kgs for the role. I have always been 58 kgs and I told them that gaining 14 kgs was just not possible. I ultimately gained nine kgs for the role.”

    Wasn’t gaining all that weight only to lose it all over again a tedious task? “Gaining weight is the easiest process for a human being. You just have to binge. One can gain as much as 2 kgs every week by only binging. In my case I just stopped following my diet. Losing weight was the most difficult part as I also had to complete my other film Dulha Mil Gaya and I had to look thin for the second half of Do Knot Disturb. Now I have lost about eight kgs and currently weigh 59 kgs. I still need to lose one more kg.”

    Giving details about her weight loss regime, she added, “It took me about one and a half months to get back to my original shape. I must say it was quite difficult. I am very lucky to have a very good trainer, Mupur Shikhare. I have never travelled with my trainer but on a recent trip to Delhi, I did just that. I was on a strict diet. I used to eat in parts and drank a lot of ugly looking vegetable juices. I completely stopped eating carbs after 7pm. However, I used to eat every two hours. It was not just a protein diet but a well-balanced one with a healthy mix of protein and carbs. My only requirement was a healthy diet and that was fulfilled. I also did some serious training during that period. Discipline and diet control made it all possible.”

    Commenting on why she didn’t hit back when people said outrageous things about her weight gain, Sushmita said, “I don’t react to things. Quite frankly, I would have liked Vashuji or David to speak up for me at that time. But I guess they had their own reasons. It’s fine and now that the film is complete, people know that all my weight gain was for the film.”

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