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    Default Supreme Court lifts ban on Aarakshan in U.P

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    Supreme Court lifts ban on Aarakshan in U.P

    Its time for team 'Aarakshan' to finally celebrate. The film, which released last week, faced rough weather initially after being banned in the states of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.), Andhra Pradesh (A.P.) and Punjab. While the ban on A.P. and Punjab got lifted last week, the Supreme Court has now ruled in favour of Aarakshan today and the ban on the film in U.P. has now been lifted.

    An elated Prakash Jha said, "The Supreme Court decision should restore our faith in the system. I'm happy the hearing is in our favour. The people of U.P. will finally be able to watch Aarakshan. I'm glad I decided to challenge the U.P. government's decision to ban the film, rather than cow down to it. This has been an important battle in making right to the Freedom of Expression a real right for the common citizens of India."



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