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    Default Superstar Tantrums… Are our Stars taking Stardom for granted???

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    When stars get famous and start minting money, people around them start getting scared. This is because, close to the heels of stardom there’s an ugly world called tantrum, i.e. as stars move on to become superstars, they begin their super nakras too.
    Let’s check out some of the most notorious tantrums of Bollywood.

    Salman Khan may have a heart of gold, but his temper is out of control. Sallu throws so many tantrums that people might often regret inviting him to their party. Recently, on Anil Kapoors birthday, when a fan kissed Sallu, he should have given his anger a miss. After all it was his good friend Anil’s Birthday, and the evening was special. But no…. Salman immediately lost his cool and gave his fan a tight slap. Salman is equally fussy about his food. Where ever he goes, he makes it a point to take his cook along with him.

    Salman’s ex girl friends are no less. Be it Ashwarya Rai or Katrina Kaif.

    Recently, when Katrina had to go to Paris for an ad shoot, she insisted that she would stay in her favorite hotel and would shoot in that hotel only. She also wanted her favorite stylist and hair dresser to come along with her. Phew!! What nakras I say…

    Similarly Aishwarya Rai throws tantrums when it comes to her make up and designers. For the film Action Replay, Ash’s producers had called down a famous and brilliant makeup man from Hollywood but then Ash became as hard as wood and insisted that if she would shoot, she would shoot only with her favorite stylist, Ojas Rajani . The producer had to suffer a huge financial loss for the fee that he had already paid the stylist. Well, but that’s the price one would have to pay when one works with a star who is mighty and high.

    Kangna Ranaut who looks so unassuming and cool also does deceive people making them a fool. Kangna’s ex driver Rajesh Shah revealed that Kangna is not the same person inside and outside. It once happened that her driver accidently got her vehicle banged. And guess what she did??? She fired him from his job. As long as she was in the car, she was quite but as soon as she entered her make up van, she called her driver inside and slapped him hard. Not just that. According to the complaint filed by the driver, it was not just Kangna but her make up man and her sister who also beat him up.

    Kareena Kapoor is no less notorious for her nakras. Her film makers, Madhur Bhandarkar and Sudhir Mishra have perhaps seen the worst side of Bebo. While shooting for Mai Aur Mrs Khanna in Krabi island in Thailand, she showed her true self. Every day, the entire unit had to wait for 2 long hours for Kareena to have her lunch because madam wanted only specific items in her vegetarian lunch and to order her food, it took more than 2 hrs for the producer.

    Imran Khan is also getting the reputation of being moody and grumpy. While promoting one of his films, Imran Khan was completely pissed off because he did not like his clothes and make up. After non stop complaining, he simply refused to strike the right pose for the shutter bugs who were very eager to click his pictures.

    Well, these were just some of the stars. It was very easy to get away with tantrums in the 80’s and the 90’s as there was less competition and yes! They could take their stardom for granted. But today it’s very different. There are so many new faces and lots of competition in the market. So, if we had to give a piece of advice to our stars, it would be that, they better kill the habit of tantrums or else they would be in the doldrums.
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