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    Default Sunny Leone to be cast in Mahesh Bhatt’s Murder 3

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    Sunny Leone has suddenly become the talk of the town and approached with many projects but filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt seems to be the first one to pocket porn actress’s dates for his latest flick starring his son Rahul.

    Initially, the filmmaker was planning to launch her along with his son in a film called `Blue Film` but the project was shelved for some unknown reasons.

    Buzz is that the Bhatts have revived Blue Film but made certain changes in the script and thrown in a murder angle to come up with the next instalment in the Murder franchise: titled Murder 3.

    Mahesh Bhatt has confirmed that his son Rahul Bhatt and Sunny Leone will act together in the film and it goes without saying that the porn star won’t be cast as a plain Jane. Rather, we hear that Sunny will indeed play an adult star and there will be dollops of sexual content in the movie.



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