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    Default I started with Bebo, Kat, says hurt Ameesha

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    Ameesha Patel blogs on itimes that she is hurt at an article that clubs her with Preity & Rani, who she 'grew up watching'.
    Actor Ameesha Patel likes doing her own thing, but of late, she's been upset. "More hurt than upset actually," she blogs on itimes. "It is because Ive been the victim of some misreporting."

    She elaborates, "But its not all the media, or the whole paper, but a certain article that BT carried a few days ago which has deeply wounded me. It was by journalist of many years, Meena Iyer. She misconstrued some facts so totally that it was almost like Im being written off for being from a long lost era."

    Ameesha explains, "Firstly, it was factually wrong. It slotted me in the 90s era, along with Aishwarya, Kajol, Shilpa, Preity and Rani. I was not even on the scene then. I actually made my debut in the 2000s, along with Kareena and others. ...Asin was mentioned. But little did the writer know that Asin had made her debut in the South in 2001. Even Katrina made her debut in 2002 with Boom."

    Her first release, she reminds us, was in January 2000, with Kaho Naa ... Pyaar Hai.

    It was just a put down article to quite a few seniors in the industry, believes the girl. She says, "The article runs down artistes that I really respect; who Ive grown up watching like Shilpa Shetty, Rani and Preity. Even actors like Madhuri and Kajol whore powerhouse performers. And an Ash. Why?"

    When she decided to take up the matter wth the wrtier, Ameesha alleges, she was met with rudeness.

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