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    Default SRK's presence at a party makes Salman exit early!

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    It was Shah Rukh Khan, who had allegedly moved out of an aircraft after he discovered his rival, Salman Khan's presence.

    But this time round, it seems that the tables have turned. The unforseen happened at the birthday bash of Ritesh Deshmukh, which was held at a south Mumbai hotel.

    Actor Salman Khan and SRK finally came face to face, but this time, the Dabangg Khan decided to exit early.

    A sources said, "SRK walked in with his buddy Mushtaq Khan to find Salman standing with Ritesh. The Don, without any hesitation gave a clear eye to eye contact to Salman and moved ahead hugging the birthday boy".

    It was Salman, who felt awkward and kept himself confined to a corner of the party room, with his family Arbaaz and Maliaka and hung around there.

    Another insider elaborated, "This was not the end, SRK still has cordial relations with Salman's family and got into direct eye contact with them. Having no option and to avoid further embarrassment and altercation in the party, Arbaaz (who was seated) and his wife Malaika walked towards King Khan to greet him formally".

    Within no time, Salman found Shah Rukh being more impulsive and moving around the venue.

    "It seemed to be a sudden decision, Salman walked out of the party with his family and friends to ease the tension around, while SRK continued to party hard with his set of friends and the birthday boy," concluded the insider.
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