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    Default SRK puts shoulder surgery on hold for Billu

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    SRK puts shoulder surgery on hold for Billu
    Being passionate about film Shah Rukh Khan can do anything when it comes to promoting his film. Apparently he has to take break from Karan’s film for his shoulder surgery, has decided to put his surgery on hold for his home production film Billu.

    Needless to say that SRK believes in strong promotion. In a recent press conference he said, “Billu Barber is an important film for my company, so I put the surgery on hold to promote it.”

    Though he is unwell due to his aching shoulder, he wants his film to be promoted well. Hence he is making special appearances on small screen. He was last seen on finale episode of Nacha Baliye.

    SRK is promoting Billu through his TV sitcom production Ghar Ki Baat Hai. Recently Irfaan made a special appearance in the serial. Apart from that he is planning to have special screening for Barbers on Thursday, before the release of his film.



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