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    Wink When SRK didnít let Gauri wear short skirts!

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    Gauri is as big a style icon in India as Victoria Beckham is in UK. From sarees, to dresses, to gowns and even mini skirts, Gauri carries everything in style. But there was a time in her life when SRK, who was then her beau, wouldnít let her wear short skirts.

    ĎI wouldnít like it if Gauri left her hair loose. Sheís so beautiful that I used to stop her from wearing mini skirts or T-shirts. But I promised her the minute we get married, Iíd never behave in such a rotten manner,í Shah Rukh told his friend Farah Khan on STAR Plusí chat show ĎTere Mere Beach Meiní.

    Shahrukh revealed that he was insecure about Gauri till the time they both got married in 1991 because he said, ĎI didnít know if she belonged to me like I belonged to herí.

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    ωαιтιηg Éσя
    уσυ тσ Ęσмє

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    already posted before..

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    Awesome Dear Thank You For Sharing With Us.



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