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    Default SRK may be banned from IPL!!!

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    April 25, 2009, 4:40 pm
    For smoking in the stadium

    These are stressful times for King Khan - though he juggles his various responsibilities very well, the stress does take its toll on his actions.

    He was spotted smoking on the stands on March 21, while watching his IPL ream perform. But this stress busting act of his has not gone down well with the anti-smoking squad that keeps its hawk-eyes open, especially in public places like these.

    The National Organization for Tobacco Eradication (NOTE) has been trying to make sure that the televison footage of celebrities smoking does not go on air.

    "We have sent the details to Supersport, who are the official broadcasters of the IPL and the NCAS is in the process of soliciting an agreement that they will not show anyone smoking," NCAS's convener Peter Ucko informed NOTE.

    NCAS has said that television footage showing icons smoking dangerously increases the chances of children and other non-smokers picking up the habit as they try to emulate their heroes.

    NCAS, in its letter to NOTE, further said that while smoking in public places is still not banned in South Africa, the department of health there was very active in lobbying for the concept of no smoking in public places.

    "If Khan does it again we will ask the management to caution him, or we will seek his removal from the stadium," the press note states.

    The NCAS has also assured that they would lobby with the chief executive officer of the Wanderers stadium Alam Kourie to enforce the 'no smoking in enclosed areas' law.

    "We have also asked the stadium management to make no smoking announcements through the match and during drinks breaks."

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