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    Big B spitting fire on his Blog
    Superstar Amitabh Bachchan's blog has turned out to be an instant hit in the cyber world inviting comments from zealous fans and hawkish critics across the globe.

    Fans are happy to find Big B within their reach and are lapping up every detail about the life of their favourite icon, who is whetting their appetite by blogging with unfailing regularity.

    Bachchan is certainly going to have a tough time answering bloggers as they are not only querying Big B on his work, life and family but also filing details about their own life and seeking his advice on various issues as well.

    The actor has been bombarded by fans from as far away as Poland, America, Europe, UK, Australia and Canada.

    On his part Amitabh Bachchan is taking the job of blogging very seriously, going online about the latest developments in his life, discussing his daily routine or updating readers about the injury he incurred during the shooting of 'Aladin'.

    Most comments directed to the actor are remarks about his family and he does not flinch from giving a point blank answer to one and all.

    When a female blogger from Pakistan expressed her reservations on Abhishek's wedding with Aishwarya, Bachchan responded instantly, "You may differ with her in her work her profession, but if you will cast aspersions on her personally, I will defend her, fight for her and not tolerate this kind of talk, as I am sure neither would you, were someone to speak ill of a member of your family."

    The star seems quite open answering personal questions from the bloggers as well. "Madhu Addanki wrongly believes that we deliberately avoid working with Kareena.

    Wrong," he says responding to a blogger adding, "If there is suitable offer, there will be suitable desire to work together. And why just her, anyone from our fraternity."

    The senior Bachchan is also packing a punch with his witty and hard-hitting responses to critics on his personal and public life. He is not losing any opportunity to share his opinions on various controversies related to him and family.

    Bachchan opens out his heart about the trauma of being caught in the controversy related to Marathi vs Non Marathi that swept Maharashtra very recently.

    "Discriminations of any kind is not acceptable to me...I am ready to bear any physical pain but discrimination is unbearable," he writes in a post written today.

    He further says,"....To face obstacles and injury, to face discrimination from those that find me undesirable in their region, that badger me with complaints and controversy..." Shatrughan Sinha invited rather a strong comment from Bachchan, who is the brand ambassador of IIFA, for suggesting that nominations for the IIFA awards were not credible.

    "I am surprised at this observation, especially since, during one of the past National Award selection for Best Actress when the Award went to Raveena Tandon, it was alleged that Mr Shatrughan Sinhas wife...

    A great friend of Raveenas mother had recommended the appointment of MacMohan, the brother of Raveenas mother, on the board of the Jury (structured by the Govt., in power - in this case the BJP, of which Mr Sinha was a Minister of State) in order that he may cast his vote in favor of Raveena."



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