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    Default Iíd let my work speak for myself: Rajeev

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    Happy maintaining a low profile, Rajeev Khandelwal tells TOI that being choosy doesnít make him insecure since no one in the film industry can
    feel secure at any stage in life.

    Post the success of Aamir, you donít exactly seem to have been on a signing spree...
    I am just being myself and still following my heart. I never get swayed with momentary success since I donít believe in making hay while the sun shines. I would rather work towards attaining success. As of now, I have completed shooting for Peter Gaya Kaam Se and have just one film in hand which is tentatively titled Return Gift. The ways of the bureaucratic world is the premise for Return Gift. Itís a human story, very different from Peter... and Aamir, in terms of my character and the essence of the film.

    Are you attracted more towards offbeat films?
    I want to do projects that have a shelf value. Aamir, for me, was a commercial film though it wasnít released commercially. I remember watching it for weeks at the theatres. If you ask me to define commercial cinema, it is something that keeps you rivetted to the screen. Peter... is a contemporary film where I play a biker. But if commercial means an insensitive, mindless venture, then I wouldnít want to be a part of the same.

    Arenít you insecure considering that being so choosy might have its repercussions too?
    More than security, I look for contentment. I donít think anyone can feel secure at any stage. Iím earning decently well to support myself and my family. I might love luxury but I like to look at life with luxury.

    What exactly do you look for in a script?
    Frankly speaking, there are no parameters to determine which project I should take up. I follow my instincts. I know what I donít want to do. The project has to excite me. The soul of the film, the character, the
    setting and the language ó everything contributes. Basically, the venture has to be high in content.

    Are you content keeping a low profile?
    Iím not very comfortable seeing myself splashed over magazines, glossies or channels. Iíd rather let my work speak for myself. Iím a peopleís person and am comfortable living a commonerís life.

    Certainly it must not have been comforting when rumourmills suggested that Minissha Lamba had requested you to be replaced with a more popular face in a certain Balaji film?
    I donít have any clue since I havenít been approached for any such film.

    It was also reported that you had been approached to host the Indian version of the Moment of Truth on television...
    Iíve been considering the offer for Sach Ka Samna. Nothing has been finalised as yet.

    What do you have to say about the buzz of you bagging Chenab Gandhi?
    It is Sanjay Leela Bhansaliís film and when the time comes, Iím sure he will make the final announcement. Till that happens, letís not indulge in speculation. As of now, I donít know who is doing Chenab Gandhi.

    Finally, do you harbour any directorial ambitions?
    I would love to write and direct sometime in future.



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