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    Default spacer Victim of Wardrobe Malfunction - Urvashi Sharma

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    Urvashi Sharma was a victim of an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction while she was shooting for Priyadarshan’s untitled film in Kerala on Sunday. When Urvashi was shooting for a song, an errant button came off, unravelling her blouse. Showing presence of mind, she caught it and ran to her vanity van. Luckily, apart from the unit and the choreographer, Pony Verma, not many people were present at the location. Her co-actors, Akshaye Khanna and Ajay Devgan, were not present as the shoot required only Urvashi.

    Pony Verma said, “Yes, the incident happened. However, I don’t think you should make a big deal about it.” On being probed further, she said, “The button of her blouse came off and she was naturally very uncomfortable. But the situation was handled carefully. Urvashi was covered and sent to her van.”

    Urvashi said, “I am okay with it now, although I did not feel the same way when it happened. I realised that my button had broken and so I covered myself with my hands and I ran to my van. The camera was on the side and so nothing was recorded. Moreover, there were very few people on the sets as my close-up scenes were being shot.”

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