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    Fashion's muse and style-setter may be what she has been called so far, but there's a free-spirit vibe to the young actor that sets her apart.


    Since her much-publicized debut in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's SAAWARIYA in 2007, Sonam has kept shutterbugs aflutter for her acting, yes, but almost more so for her liberating and independent sartorial flair. Movie stars, whether we like it or not, set the fashion mood for the nation. And Sonam, in her short career, has become a fashion tour de force, one of the major trendsetters for a new generation of young women. She's set the pace with daring dressing, going out on a limb when most actors border on the conservative. Fashion editors and stylists adore her, and

    "I am a rebellious person"
    designers clamor to dress her.

    How did the 26-year-old so quickly capture the style zeitgeist? "The only reason I experiment with clothes is that I don't give a damn about what people think. It's about being myself and being comfortable, and people have to accept me for who I am. I don't want to conform for the sake of people liking me."

    Her piercings and tattoos attest to that, but she demurs when asked how many or where (not somewhere where you can see them) and to being a rebel when she was younger (all the typical stuff, like staying out too late). She admits to being a risk taker. "Think about it. The greatest achievement in life is because of a risk you've taken. It can either be calculated or spontaneous, and for me, most of the time it's spontaneous because I am a rebellious person."

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