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    Default Is Sonam Kapoor in love with VJ Cyrus Sahukar?

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    Tabloids are replete with Sonam Kapoor's growing affection for MTV VJ Cyrus Sahukar, who played Suresh, the sleazy photographer in Delhi-6. Some of the reports are even claiming that they are now seeing each other.

    The two will also appear together Ayesha, the Bollywood adaptation of Jane Austen?s classic Emma. Daddy dear Anil Kapoor is producing the film.

    However, Sahukar who has been shooting for a reality show in Pune for the last 15 days insists he doesn?t have time to breathe, is flummoxed at reportssuggesting he?s been spending a lot of time with Sonam of late and that they are a couple.

    Says Cyrus, ?I?ve been shooting round the clock. Where?s the time? I?m friends with the entire cast of Delhi-6, so we do hang out occasionally.?

    Sonam has already rubbished the report. As for Cyrus, he finds it strange and a little disrespectful. ?It?s not worth talking about. A lot of diseases are springing up every day.

    "This must be an offset of a new-found disease. I think people are just hallucinating. I must laud their imagination, though. They should write comedy,? quips Cyrus.

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    y commedy

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