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    Default Sonam Kapoor, the next Bond gal?

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    With most heroines today wanting to match up to their male counterparts, actor Sonam Kapoor is not one of those to be left far behind. Sonam, who confesses to have grown up in a house surrounded by boys, says being one among them came naturally to her. No wonder the transformation from playing the sweet girl-next-door to some adrenaline pumping hard core action roles.

    Sonam is all set for her next release, Abbas Mustan’s Players in which she will be seen in an entirely new look, one that she has always wanted to do. “Even when I was growing up, I only had cousin brothers who were my age. I was the only girl so naturally I had to catch up with them. I have had bruised arms, I have climbed tress, jumped from the first storey of buildings and everything that guys do. That is where my love for action stems from,” she explains.

    In the film, the pretty actor has done most of the stunts herself, something she is very proud about. “A lot of stunts required me to drive fast cars and jump out of them. When the producers asked my father if I could drive, he said, ‘Yes, but she drives like a maniac’. I love cars and speed. I have inherited that from the maternal grandmother. She’s very old and can’t drive now, but she would drive her car all the time in her younger days. Though I do not drive my BMW that often, I love my Audi Q7. I drive around in that all the time,” Sonam says talking about her love for driving. In fact the first time she drove the car was when she was 15. She took her dad, actor Anil Kapoor’s most expensive car and after a two hour drive all around Mumbai, she banged the car while parking.

    So with all the action, would Sonam consider playing the next Bond girl if it was offered to her? “Of course”, she squeals, “I would totally love to play a Bond girl. As long as I get to kick some butt, and not just look hot, I am definitely in for it. Having said that the role also has to be substantial.”

    The young actor who was also in Delhi for Lady GaGa’s concert after the F1 party says she is going for another GaGa concert soon. “This time, I actually went because a couple of my friends from Delhi wanted to go. I have already gotten tickets to GaGa’s concert at Manchester, where I am heading to shortly,” she reveals.
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