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    Sonam was in Dubai for Nirav Modiís jewellery collection promotion. The otherwise fashionista, however went overboard this time. The black glittery gown, red lips, huge danglers, bigger neck piece and a in your face ring Ė name it and she was wearing it.

    What is the go-to item in your closet right now?

    Thereís this black shirt from The Row that I love. Itís sheer chiffon, and what I wear to look slim and hot! It makes for the perfect outfit when teamed with black pants and booties.

    Why did you decide to be involved with Nirav Modiís jewellery?

    I feel that wearing Niravís jewellery is like wearing a piece of art. His work is quite stunning. My sister Rhea (who often helps with Sonamís styling) is always telling me to wear more of Niravís creations, and now Iím finally starting to.

    Whatís the one piece of jewellery you just canít do without?
    It would have to be my Bvlgari Serpent watch.

    Do you ever regret making impulse purchases?
    I buy stuff impulsively all the time and donít remember half of it. So I donít regret, I just forget!

    If Confessions Of A Shopaholic were to be remade in Bollywood, who do you think should star in it?
    [Laughs] Not me! Iím not obsessed! Maybe my sister Rhea could be in it - she canít help herself!

    What are the best and worst Hollywood films youíve watched recently?
    I really liked Drive, which I saw twice in the same weekend Ė I love Ryan Gosling! I also saw Bad Teacher, which I didnít enjoy at all.
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