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    Smile Sonal ne diya friendship ka superhit formula

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    Bollywood queens are known to be mean but our dear Sonal Sehgal is slowly becoming an icon of friendship off and on sets.

    The nasal king Himesh’s co-star in ‘Radio’ is amazed by the fact that bollywood kumaris don't get along well but her personal experience is dramatically opposite adds our bee.

    The bollywood attractive shares, “I had heard about these kinds of cat fights but when it came to me and Shenaz we were like house on fire. In fact we both used to accompany each other to the set. We both used to team up and do all the girlie things like shopping, gossiping and partying after pack-up. It was completely fun to work with Shenaz.”

    Our bee adds that it doesn't ends here and the actress is gung-ho to spread her dosti advice.

    It is now heard and seen that Sonal is getting along well with another co-star from her next release 'Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai' and she is none other the Sri Lankan beauty quotient Jacqueline Fernandez.

    Shares the actress, “Jacqueline & I started knowing each other really well during our workshops before 'Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai'. After that we become close friends during our out station shooting of the film at Karjat.”

    Well our dear Sonal is happy with her friendship mantra & winning friends everywhere, our bee ends mischievously, “I'm eagerly waiting to see which hunk gets ‘seriously’ impressed by the beautiful Sonal & her dosti ke fundas”.

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