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    Smile Sonal Chauhan’s new found passion

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    Sonal Chauhan the ‘Jannat’ girl is flying high. She is so amazed at her newly found talent that she just can’t stop telling everyone. Our bee tells us that the lovely lass had just discovered her fondness of preparing delicious pastas.

    Sonal had found an expertise in making this Italian delight and is ready for more lessons on cooking from his dear mom.

    Actually, the actress was not very found of cooking and the discovery happened recently when she had a few friends from Delhi coming to visit her.

    Since Sonal hardly cooks she usually orders food from restaurants for her guests. But as luck would have it, the food she ordered did not get delivered. After failed attempts to ask the restaurant for the delay, Sonal decided that she couldn’t keep her guests waiting any longer.

    Says an irate Sonal, “It was extremely irritating as we had to wait for almost two hours for the food to arrive. So instead of waiting I decided to take charge and make dinner for my guests.”

    So Sonal Chauhan instantly made some pasta and along with that prepared a risotto. Says a nervous Sonal, “I had never cooked a meal before for anyone other than myself. I hardly cook so I was hoping my friends would like my food.”

    To her surprise all her friends enjoyed the pasta and risotto she had prepared. So much so that even she was amazed at her own efforts. “Luckily they enjoyed the food I made and that made me very happy,” adds an ecstatic Sonal.

    On her newly found talent, the girl shares, “After that day I realized the importance of knowing how to cook so I am planning to take up some cooking lessons from none other than my mom. She makes some fabulous dishes.”

    So anyone who wanna know how to make a delicious pasta then dial Sonal.

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    she loks hot
    mai F ko F hee Bolta ho lolzzz



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