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    Default Sonakshi Sinha to transform into an urban chic for Joker

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    From the rural beauty in Dabangg Sonakshi Sinha will now move to playing a completely urban girl in Joker.

    Promises the most promising newcomer of the year, "Oh yes, there's more to me than the demure gao ki sehmi-sehmi Rajjo in Dabangg. Audiences will see me totally urbanized in Joker and Kick."

    Quiz the confident Sonakshi Sinha about two films with the same director Shirish Kunder and Sonakshi jumps to her films' defence. "It's just a coincidence that Kick and Joker have the same director. I signed them because I loved my role and the script. Joker is going to be shot in 3D. I've always been fascinated by the technique. I remember as kids we used watch 3D films like Shiva Ka Insaaf with those special glasses. Great fun to watch. Hopefully it will be enjoyable to shoot. I can't wait to start shooting in January."

    And here's some good news. Sonakshi has a far larger role in Joker than in debut Dabangg.

    Says the actress, "Oh yes, I am in almost every frame with Akshay. Dabangg had me in a relatively small part. I got noticed because of the way I was presented."

    Undoubtedly Sonakshi Sinha is the most sought-after newcomer of 2010 with a slew of producers pursuing her relentlessly with offers that they feel she cannot refuse. Besieged by callers desirous of signing the Next Best Thing at any cost the newcomer, not new to stardom fame and glamour in her family, has decided to cut herself loose from the public glare to catch her breath.

    Sonakshi has changed her phone number. Too many nuisance calls, too many favour-seekers and fans. Most of all, too many producers with offers that she finds it awkward to say no to. Now the wannabe producers will have to approach Sonakshi through her business manager.

    Laughs the shy girl suddenly thrust with more attention that she bargained for, "I was getting too many calls with requests that made no sense to me"
    ...being a human...



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