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    Default Sonakshi Sinha replaces her nose ring with a stud

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    Sonakshi Sinha replaces nose ring she's been sporting for eight years with a stud

    Sonakshi Sinha sporting the nose ring

    If you thought the nose ring Sonakshi Sinha wears in Dabangg is part of her character's look, you thought wrong. She has been sporting it for the last eight years. Naturally, it has almost become a part of her and she is quite attached to the tiny piece of jewellery. However, Shotgun Sinha's daughter has now replaced it with a stud.

    Says the debutante, "I got my nose pierced without telling my folks around eight years ago and haven't removed this nose ring since. I love it and think it looks super cool." And since it suited the character of her film, she kept it. She admits, "It is a coincidence that it went with the look of my character."

    Sonakshi sporting a stud

    But now she feels the need to replace it with a nose stud. "I am not the type to get tattoos done. But I am thinking I might sport a nose stud instead. Also it will be easier to remove it if I don't need it for my future roles."

    The newbie is thrilled with the response to the promo. She says her dad got teary-eyed when he saw her promo and that was the biggest high, "I showed dad the promo. His eyes were glued to the screen, and mine on him. My dad's seen the rough cut of the film and he's loved it and my mom's always around to take care of me."

    She adds, "I couldn't have asked for a better launch."



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