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    Default A solitaire and a proposal for Asin!

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    Asin's admirer from Chennai sends her a solitaire to prove his love for her; proposes marriage...

    Many fans express their affection for their stars in creative ways. Some tend to border on the extreme, as Asin discovered.

    A fan from Chennai sent her a massive rock and proposed marriage in an emotional letter. Asin is a huge star down South, and that fervour hasn't dimmed even though she's moved to Mumbai after Ghajini.

    Some fans build temples, some write letters in blood, others stand outside star homes for hours. This is not Asin's first brush with a fan who is a fanatic. Recently, she was stalked in Singapore, which unsettled her considerably.

    Well, one thing can be said about her mystery admirer - he sure knows how to get a girl's attention. You can't go wrong with a glimmering rock after all! Fans from the South are known to worship their idols, and Asin is the lucky girl who at least got wooed in style.

    Asin confirmed and said, ď Itís an extremely personal issue involving a fan and I wouldít really like to comment on it.Ē

    However, one of Asinís close friends said, ď Itís extremely flaterring to get such attention and Asin is overwhelmed and at the same time embarrased by it all.Ē

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