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    Starlet Shradha Sharma turns down offer to play lead

    The sexy and voluptous Shradha Shrama has turned down an offer to play the main lead in a Bollywood film titled "The Secret Life of Karina".

    The film is loosely based on the life of Bollywood superstar Kareena Kapoor and has some very controversial scenes which deal with the love life of the characters in question. It also features a rogue character called Saifee and another called Shaheed – subtle, but apparent references to Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapur.

    Sources say Shradha Sharma was offered Rs 50 lakh to do the film which itself is a big budget production pegged at Rs 20 crore.

    Says Shradha Sharma, "The production house Spectra Multimedia approached me last week with a script for their film – ‘The Secret Life of Karina’. The script is very interesting and is a combination of ‘Murder’, ‘Kwashish’ and ‘Jannat’. It has murder, sex, passion, romance and is also features a gambler who falls in love with the heroine who is a sex doll.

    "However, when I learnt that some portions of the script were 'inspired' from the personal life of Kareena Kapoor, I decided not to do it, as I really admire Kareena Kapoor and doing this film would definitely mean rubbing her the wrong way."

    According to sources at Spectra Multimedia, the film’ which is expected to go on floors by the end of this year’ has a scene where the hero slits his wrists when his lady love (supposedly Kareena) refuses to take his calls. The script writer has used a lot of poetic license and freedom to portray the characters of Kareena and her former boyfriend Shahid Kapur.

    Saif Ali Khan also features in the script, but in this film he is the villain who 'snatches' the hero's lady love. There are many other controversial scenes in the film where the ‘villain’ even attempts to rape the heroine who ultimately succumbs to the lure of big money and gives in to the carnal demands of the villain.

    Shradha Sharma while refusing the film said that she is a great fan of Kareena, Saif and Shahid. “The film portrays all three in a negative light and hence I refused the film though they were offering me very good money to do the role”.

    Aspiring actress and south star Apsara Soni will play the role of Kareena in the film. She has been signed on for Rs 30 lakh.




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