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    Default Silencer is still struggling with Hindi!

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    Omi Vaidya plays an ‘incorrigible womaniser’ called Nano in the same film. “His full name is Chamanlal Patel, but he’s fondly called Nano as he’s small, sweet and affordable. He helps Madhavan to lead a bachelor life and doesn’t want him to fall in love,” says Omi about the role. This is his fifth consecutive comedy role. Is he not scared of getting typecast? “I have a place in this industry now unlike before. I’m established as the guy who appears when you want to laugh. Whenever the audience sees me, they are immediately excited and get something really funny. Besides I am not threatening any other actor. I don’t really worry about being typecast as I don’t think much of the future. Besides comedy is serious business,” says the actor.

    He’s also signed the remake of Satte Pe Satta in which he plays Sanjay Dutt’s (who’s reprising Big B’s role in the original) younger brother. “I will make the portrayal different. I will do it in my own style,” he says. The actor is still struggling with Hindi and has a trainer. He says, “I love learning languages. I have learnt Japanese, Spanish for four years and want to get better at Hindi. Forget about film, I want to connect with people. I can read Hindi very slowly. I think I will learn Hindi for the rest of my life and get better at it. The accent is definitely getting a lot more subtler.”



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