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    It is has no yet been confirmed what actually happened between Shiney Ahuja and the maid. Although medical reports confirm rape, they police are waiting for the other test results from the Forensic labs.

    The 18-19yr old maid lodged a complaint with the Oshiwara police and gave the following statement:

    “I was in the house doing the daily chores. I needed to open a water valve. It was beyond my reach. So, I climbed up on a container. As I was opening the valve, he (Shiney) wrapped me tight from behind. I got scared, but did not have the guts to say anything. His wife was not at home. Later, I thought that he might have done it with no bad intention. Perhaps, he thought that I would fall down and supported me.

    So, I went to work again as usual on Sunday (June 14). I was busy doing cleaning work in the kitchen when he called me by my name. Since the other maid had gone to the church, I thought that he needed something.

    Figuring that he was in the bedroom, I went and stood near the door. Before I could ask him anything, he pulled me inside by my hand and locked the door from inside. I started shouting. He told me not to shout as there was no one in the house who could hear me. He said that I should listen to whatever he said and do whatever he told me to do.

    He then pushed me down on the bed. I tried hard to push him away and shouted. He clamped his hand on my mouth and gagged me. He was too powerful for me. He then took off my salwaar kameez and raped me.

    I was crying. He told me to shut up and threatened to kill me if I reported the incident to anyone. I got scared and sat in the room for a while. Later, I called my uncle. He calmed me down and advised me to approach the police.”

    The investigations are on and the final verdict will be given by Thursday.

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