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    Default Shilpa's a 'safe', selective eater

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    Shilpa Shetty is down several notches on our gourmand list of foodies

    Reason? She’s one of those ‘safe’, selective eaters who sticks to basics and doesn’t experiment with anything whatsoever. In fact, we were chatting with her post-IPL and quizzed her on the exotic foods she could’ve possibly tried there? Escargot? We asked. And her nose crinkled like a snail had crawled up her arm. Ostrich? And she shook her head. Oysters? No No! Octopus? And she almost screamed. Not even crocodile meat, which is served so regularly there? And she grimaced. “I love food. I’m a big foodie. And I can eat at any hour. But I’m not experimental at all,” she giggled. “Give me my daal-roti-chaawal and some basic fish and chicken and I’m fine. I can’t imagine eating crocodile and stuff — eeeks!” Well well well. We understand the lady’s concerns and her preference for safe foods. But then what kinda foodie are you Ms Shetty? Huh? Though honestly, the way she’s looking nowadays (read: like a million bucks) she must be eating right. Sure, sure Raj K agrees.



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