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    Default Shilpa still carries a hockey stick

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    The Chak de girl, Shilpa Shukla, was in town recently

    的 have come to Delhi after four months and I知 happy that I値l be able to spend sometime with my family, said Shilpa, adding, 的 miss Delhi a lot. One can稚 really compare Mumbai and Delhi, each place is unique in its own way.

    At the moment, Shilpa is enjoying her switch from theatre to Bollywood, especially 団oz she is getting to do a lot of negative roles. 添es, I知 loving it. In fact, I am experiencing a sudden rise in my confidence level as far as my B蜘ood aspirations go, she says.

    Also, she added, 的 have two new releases lined up for this year.

    Besides movies, it is sports, especially hockey that she痴 still interested in. 的 still play hockey and even carry my hockey stick in my car. Also, on her wish list is a solo photography show. 的 enjoy photography and clicked some pics in Mumbai after the 26/11 attack. I値l like to host a fundraising show and display my pics someday, she said.

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