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    Default ● Shell out 250$ for a pic with SRK at an US hotel ●

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    Be ready to fork out $250 to be seen in same pic with SRK at a US hotel
    PS: Think we haven't heard of Photoshop, guys?

    When Indian movie stars shoot aboard, fans travel from far and wide to catch a glimpse of the homegrown actors.

    The management of Hotel Fairmount in San Francisco, USA got a whiff of SRK's superstardom when fans from literally all over the States started pouring in to catch a glimpse of the actor. They came up with a master plan to cash in on their guest Shah Rukh Khan's star power.

    A source from the US reveals, "Shah Rukh is currently in San Francisco shooting for the last leg of Karan Johar's My Name Is Khan. And he has agreed to use his spare time for a good cause. SRK fans can book a table at the restaurant for one night when the actor will mingle with the patrons."

    The source further adds, "If they wish to take a picture with their favourite star, they will have to shell out $250 (approximately Rs 12,000) and if they wish to have dinner on the same table as the superstar, there is a bigger price tag. The dinner is scheduled for some time next week when SRK will get a night early off work."


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