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    Cool Shahrukh understands Salman's pain

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    While the world may be praying for superstar Salman Khan's speedy recovery who has just left to US for the treatment of a nerve disorder, which he has been suffering from quite some time, here's one more man who not only wishes for good health but also relates with Salman's pain more than anyone else can do. Shocking as it may sound but that's none other than Bollywood badshah, Shahrukh Khan.


    Shahrukh said during an event, "If anybody is unwell we all feel sad about it. I wish Salman a speedy recovery. Because everyone misses him... it is very sad when you fall ill. As I have gone through a similar kind of injury so I can relate with the pain well."

    Shahrukh, who himself went through several surgeries, knows well what a family goes through and shows his concern for Salman's family too.

    "These are tough times more than the person who is suffering, the family does. I pray for his family and wish them all the best. Salman's family is like my family. I have been good friends with Salman's family for years now," says Shahrukh.

    "When people ask me how are your children I don't tell them that they are studying well or are happy or are naughty, I say they are healthy. And I believe that is the biggest blessing. I hope Salman gets cured fast and comes back to work soon," he adds.

    Besides wishing a good health to Salman, Shahrukh Khan also wished good luck for Salman Khan's latest release BODYGUARD. He said, "I wish him all the best and good luck for BODYGUARD."

    Well, in this case we can change the phrase to Aakhir ek aadmi hee dusre aadmi ka dard samjha sakta hai!

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