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    Default Shahrukh Khan is my lucky mascot -Karan Johar

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    Director par excellence and a charming chat show host, Karan Johar has always been successful in whatever he has done; be it films or TV, KJo has always set a benchmark.

    The successful showman reveals the secret behind his immense popularity and credits it to two driving factors in his life who have been by his side through thick-and-thin.

    "Shahrukh and my mom are my lucky mascots," says this lovable mama's boy. Considering that most of Karan Johar's film starring Shahrukh Khan and are immensely successful it can be safely said that KJo is right on target when he says SRK is his lucky mascot

    No wonder one will always spot Karan either with his mother Hiroo Johar who also produces many of his movies or SRK. The trio seems to be having a Midas touch as whenever they take up a project it is bound to strike gold at the box-office.

    Now we will have to wait and watch for the box-office fate of 'My Name is Khan', will KJo's lucky mascots once again prove to be lucky as usual.


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    yup kjo is 100percent true srk behind his success

    Once I was called the Best,
    now you can also be called the Best in ur category.
    so what u waiting 4! make urself capable of being called best....

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    thank you very much



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