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    Default Shahid to write book on relationships !!!

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    At least he's EXPERIENCED!!!

    Now here's something extremely funny that happened. Well, we all know how Shahid Kapoor has been linked with each and every female co-star he has worked with till date starting from Amrita Rao to Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra and now Anushka Sharma who will be seen opposite the star in YRF's forthcoming venture directed by Parmeet Sethi.

    Well I won't say all of them were 'rumours' but well...So, recently in a press con when Shahid boy was asked about one such relationship, he jokingly said, that now that he has mastered the art of romancing considering the fact that he has been 'reportedly' dating continuously for the last 3 years, he is going to write a book on relationships and reveal all.

    And the next thing you know, his publicist gets a call from a leading publishing house. GAWD! So yours truly Juicy Mausi had to do some digging around. Apparently word had travelled through the media into the publishing circles where this particular publisher did not want to lose the oppurtunity and wanted to ink the deal for Shahid's first book.

    I so wanted to see the publicist's face. Ha ha! And guess what my friend, the little birdie heard one of Shahid's friend saying... "Right now Shahid doesn't have time to eat or sleep, leave alone have affairs. Let him finish his films; have a few affairs, learn all there is to learn about relationships, then we will get him to pen down his memoirs."

    Well, I wouldn't mind that either. But considering I already get to know most of it...
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