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    Default Shahid is Moving Out of His apartment because of neighbour Priyanka

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    Shahid Kapoor will soon have a new address. The actor is shifting to a more spacious apartment in Juhu. Presently, he stays at Raj Classic in Versova.

    Says a source, "Shahid had been checking out houses in the area for a while now. He was doing it discreetly as he does not want people to know about his house-hunting. There was this clear image in mind of what he is looking for, in his new home. He is extremely particular about everything in life, so when it came to investing in a home, everything had to be just right."

    Deal done?

    Other sources state that Shahid has already locked in a four-bedroom place at Juhu. He has told the folks he has struck the deal with, to keep it hush-hush to avoid any attention about his new abode. There is bound to be a lot of speculation why Shahid has suddenly decided to move out of Raj Classic, that has several B-Town folk, including Priyanka Chopra, as its residents.

    The source adds, "He has been telling those close to him that he needs a bigger space, but that is surprising as he is single and his 14th floor flat is extremely spacious enough for him, his pet dog and his staff."

    Here's the Buzz

    Presently, Shahid's dad Pankaj Kapoor resides a floor below him. In fact, one of the reasons why he had moved into Raj Classic was because his father was also in the same building. His mother Neelima Azim lives at Nirman Cottage at Yari Road, nearby.

    The source continues, "Of late, there has been a lot of buzz about Shahid and Priyanka. It looks like he wants to get away from it all. There has been a lot of talk about him and his star neighbour. Earlier, when he was with Kareena Kapoor; she was a regular visitor to the place. Maybe Shahid wants to begin anew and in a new place with all those memories best left behind."

    Interestingly, Twinkle Khanna had done up parts of his home at Raj Classic. It is learnt that he is keen that the star designer wife do his new place as well.



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