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    Default Shahid is not the new man in my life: Priyanka

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    Shahid is not the new man in my life: Priyanka
    By Subhash K Jha

    Priyanka Chopra and her parents are preparing for a major upheaval in their family in 2009. Priyanka's 19-year old brother Siddharth leaves for Switzerland to train as a chef.

    "That's right. My brother is leaving for this college in Switzerland early next year to train in the culinary arts and hospitality. And it's breaking my mom's heart. My brother has never been away on his own, not even for a day. How will he manage on his own? We're so anxious."

    Priyanka's mother is planning to accompany Siddharth initially. "She'll probably get a cottage near his colleage and stay near him. But I feel he needs to grow up. He's 19. At 19 I was working. Siddharth is very passionate about cooking. Very few people have a chance in life to follow their dream."

    Priyanka's dad is also planning to follow his dream in 2009. His long-cherished dream of cutting an album is happening. And Priyanka will be probablt be pitching in.

    "My Dad has been planning an album forever. I'd love to be part of it. But before that I need to train my voice. I won't just sing for a lark."

    For Priyanka this is a time for gratitude. "After the Taj thing I went to so many funerals.It just depressed me and made me grateful for what I have. I've my family. My father is well again, touchwood. My brother is embarking on a career. I'm healthy. I'm so thankful for what I have."

    Priyanka has buried the hatchet with Lara Dutta. "She has transformed herself so wonderfully in Billu Barbar to a village woman, I 'm amazed. I've a song with Shah Rukh in the film. I did it because Shah Rukh asked me. Also I had never worked with Priyan Sir before."

    She is gung-ho about her next two releases. "Kaminey and What's Your Rashee are very different. But so were my films in 2008. Though Love Story 2050 and Drona didn't do well they were unique.And Dostana? You think that was run of the mill?"

    Priyanka squashes rumours of a special friendship with Shahid Kpaoor. On record she claims she has no man in her life. "And I don't miss a personal life. The high I get at work is unmatchable. Harman? Trust me, I love living with my parents. They need me now more than ever when my brother is leaving home. Marriage is scary."

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