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    Default Shahid finds Kareenaís friendship difficult

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    It has been almost two years since Kareena Kapoor parted ways with Shahid Kapoor but both these stars havenít been unable to bury the hatchet. Recently Kareena had said that she would advice Shahid to move on in life. Shahid Kapoor has finally hit back and said he didnít to react on her comments and has no time to think about her any more as he was busy with his work.The Kaminey star who was recently voted as the youth icon said he hoped Kareena would stop thinking about their past relationships and stay happy with what she had in life. He praised Kareena on being one of the finest actresses in the industry and said she had a long way to go.
    Trying to be politically connect Shahid said that she wished Kareena has the best in her life. On being quizzed on maintaining friendship with his we-flame Shahid said that there were lot of factors which decided upon the fate of friendship. On a candid note Shahid added that although not impossible it was something which he found definitely difficult.
    Well all we can say is Kareena it is high time you move on and leave Shahid in his own world.



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