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    Default Shahid to hire personal bodyguards !!!

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    The actor is being mobbed by fans !!!

    Can superstardom prove to be costly for an actor's life? Well, Shahid Kapoor surely thinks so. The actor has apparently hired bodyguards now.

    After the success of Kaminey, Shahid's fan following has increased by leaps and bounds. Post the release of the film, when the actor visited a multiplex, he was mobbed by his screaming fans. So much so that, Shahid ended up losing his expensive sunglasses, and his metallic coffee flask was actually broken thanks to the out of control fans.

    Reports are that his spot boy, make-up artist, manager and publicist are almost doubling up as his bodyguards, struggling to keep him and themselves secure at public events.

    This incident lead Shahid to seriously consider hiring personal bodyguards.

    When contacted, Shahid confirmed the news. "Yes, I am currently in talks with some security agencies so as to make sure my team's security is taken care of at such times."

    Looks like Shahid has now truly joined the big league!
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