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    Default Shahid had to dance to Aditya's tune

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    Shahid Kapur's demands on the sets of Haddipa were shot down by Aditya

    Aditya Chopra clearly favours Katrina Kaif over Shahid Kapur. Just yesterday we reported how Aditya Chopra gave in to Katrina Kaif's demands of having more costume changes than what were allocated to her. But things seem different when it comes to Shahid Kapur's opinions. Shahid had wanted a music video for the film Hadippa to be modified, but Aditya, fixed about his stance on the issue, turned the demand down.

    The incident in question happened at Yash Raj Studios, Andheri. Our source from the studios said, The music video featured Shahid and the film's leading lady Rani Mukerji. Shahid arrived on the set and heard the song and did not like the pace of the music. He told the film's director Anurag Singh that he wanted it to sound like Justin Timberlake's hip-hop style.

    Even though Shahid had a huge argument with Anurag, he remained averse to Shahid's demands. He told Shahid that the music couldn't be changed since the producer of the film, Aditya Chopra, had okayed it.

    Shahid stood his ground and Aditya Chopra was informed about the incident . However, Aditya was in no mood to relent and sent out a loud and clear reply that he had liked the music and that it will not change.

    Not able to do anything about it, Shahid had no choice but to dance
    to the original composition.
    Despite repeated calls and text messages, Shahid remained unavailable for comment.

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