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    Default The man who said No to Shah Rukh Khan

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    The man who said No to Shah Rukh Khan
    By Subhash K Jha

    Shah Rukh Khan now takes full-on interest in the music of his films. That's how he came up with the words Love mera hit hi for Billu Barber. When Shah Rukh approached Gulzar Saab with his words, the poet declined to use them.

    Shah Rukh and Gulzar go back a long way.

    Marjani from Billu Barber is not the first Shah Rukh Khan number written by that poet extraordinare Gulzar to displease a group of protestors.

    Recalling his earlier SRK-song to get a group's goat Gulzar Saab says, "In Chaiyyan chaiyyan for Dil Se some people objected to the use of the word tabeez. Now in Marjani they think object to the word hazur, I believe," says Gulzar from Lucknow where he's not too clearly clued into the developments in Mumbai.

    "All I can say in my defence is that the word hazur in Marjani isn't referring to the Prophet Mohamed. It means 'presence'. I am sorry if I've hurt anyone's sentiments. I'm sorry if some people have misunderstood what I've written. I'm very very careful about the words that I use. In fact I left Billu midway for this reason," Gulzar Saab shocks by divulging.

    The mukhda of the aforementioned Love mera hit hit was first offered to Gulzar Saab by composer Pritam, and the lyricist refused to use the words. Then Shah Rukh personally went to Gulzar Saab with the request.

    Says Gulzar Saab, "Pritam protested that the words were given to him by Shah Rukh and had to be used. When I refuses Shah Rukh came home a number of times to convince me. I reluctantly turned him down.

    He even suggested that I write whatever I wanted and his words Love mera hit hit would be fitted into my lyrics. But that's not the way I work. I never will. So I wrote just three of the songs in Billu and left the project. "

    Gulzar Saab doesn't allow even a word of his lyrics to be tampered with. "There have been a number of occasions when I've opted out because I wasn't comfortable with the words that I was supposed to write. "

    During Sanjay Chel's Khubsoorat Gulzar Saab opted out when the director wanted a word substituted by another.

    "But the funniest incident occurred when I wrote the children song Chaddhi pehan ke phool khila hai for Jungle Book. Someone said the word chaddhi was vulgar. Could I change it to lungi? I stuck to my chaddhi. "

    And now Gulzar Saab is all set to attend the Oscars. "If my suit is ready in time. Or if I get the right fit from Maganlal Dresswala (the oldest provider of costumes for film units)," jokes the poet.

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