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    Default It's NOT GREAT TO BE Shah Rukh Khan

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    Shah Rukh Khan, inspite of nursing an injured shoulder lacked no energy as he answered every question shot at him by journalists about Aamir Khan with aplomb. We present you few of SRK's most smashing quotes targeted towards Aamir.

    Clad in a cool worn out jeans and tee was Shah Rukh Khan, the darling of millions of his fans who thronged his house Mannat in Bandra and even Taj Lands End where he was supposed to be present for this event. Once SRK entered, one couldn't help but wonder how does a 43-year-old star who is suffering from an injured shoulder gather this humungous amount of energy! The silver shoes and silver stole he sported made for a sexy style statement and soon came the time for the Baadshah to break his prolonged silence on Aamir and the not so flattering comments he had made on SRK.

    We present you SRK at his naughtiest best!

    When asked about Aamir calling SRK manipulative and only good with PR but not marketing, the Baadshah retorted, "This statement doesn?t require any explanation of me. I do what I do and I don't need to get anybody else's suggestions on what I do. I don?t take it too seriously when people compliment me and same goes for criticism. People who work with me know who I am and what I do, people like me and that's why you see me everywhere. I don?t make films to prove to anyone. I?ve been working for the past 22 years and never have I felt the need to answer to anyone. The comments that Aamir made were out of context and I will talk to him personally about it."

    Talking about blogs he again taunted Aamir by saying, "People anyways think I am a narcissist so if I start a blog or a website it will reinforce their opinion. Jokes apart, after my shoulder operation, I am thinking of starting a website where I will not promote my films or write what food I ate but write about zindagi (life). Also I don't really feel the need to have a blog as the media conveys all my messages to my fans anyways. I was in fact the first to start a blog but since it was ahead of its time, it didn't click with the readers."

    SRK's final reaction to Aamir's statement was the most entertaining. He said, "It's not great to be SRK, anyone can be great provided they retain their identity. My films are also ordinary but people have made them extra-ordinary. I am not a good PR person, neither a good media person; I am just a fantastic person."

    Now that's the SRK we love.

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