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    Default Has Shah Rukh really forgiven Aamir?

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    Has Shah Rukh really forgiven Aamir?
    Looks like SRK has still not forgiven Aamir Khan for his 'dog' blog last year.

    For the unawares, Aamir had infamously blogged about a dog called Shah Rukh mid last year.

    At that time King Khan had said that he didn't really mind it but it really doesn't seem that he's forgiven and forgotten whatever happened.

    At a public event to promote a watch SRK said, "I can take my shirt off for you but I don't have anything written on my chest like Aamir.

    You know we don't need to write things on our chests to sell watches here. We do it just like that."

    He made it clear that he isn't really picking on Aamir.

    He added, "I don't pick on him. It is a joke and it is supposed to continue but the media makes it big. But, yes I don't like some of the things that he and other people have said and I am serious about that.

    I will have a chat with him but I won't tell you what it is I will pick on him in person."

    Well, the King Khan doesn't really take things with a pinch of salt every time. He's just diplomatic enough to not say it all the time.

    And at this moment he doesn't seem to be in a diplomatic mood at all.

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