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    We plead guilty! Yes, we’ve been up to our antics of snooping and probing, but when the person being stalked is Scottish hunk Gerard Butler, we really can’t help it, right?

    When we headed for Shiv Vilas Palace in Jaipur to meet Butler, who’s there bonding with “good friend”, actress Priyanka Chopra, we caught the Hollywood actor walking in right after his visit to Amber fort.

    “Hi! I am Gerry,” he said. Looking cool in a casual dull blue tee, pants and a white hat to keep the sun at bay, Butler didn’t seem to mind the female adulation coming his way. As the ladies of the cast and the crew of What’s Your Rashee? kept approaching him for pictures and autographs, he was more than sporting. “I kind of have that effect on people... and see how modest I am about it,” he laughs.

    This may be his second visit to India, but he doesn’t seem to be able to get enough of the country. “Every time I come to India, I feel that I haven’t spent enough time here. I love this country. It attracts you towards itself and you can never say no. Last year, I had come to India, and thankfully, no one got to know about it. I’d like to keep it that way this time too. I am planning to stay here till Priyanka’s done with her shoot. Then I have a few places in mind, like Rishikesh, Manali and some parts of Rajasthan, that I’d like to visit,” he says.

    Accompanying the actor on his India trip is Richard LaGravenese, the writer-director of the romantic flick PS, I Love You. Talking about his Indian experience, Richard says, “I am enjoying this whole Indian movie shooting. It is an honour, and the director seems like a nice man.”

    Butler then adds, “I had auditioned for Lagaan, but I didn’t get the role. I guess they wanted to say that I was too good looking for the role. That I guess can be the only reason,” he jokes.

    The guy sure has a great sense of humour. We also ask him whether there is any truth in the rumours about the link-up between him and Jennifer Aniston? “No! I am not even close to having an affair with her. I don’t mind getting married to an Indian girl, though. Too bad Priyanka already has a boyfriend,” he says. But then we all know that Piggy Chops is only his “good friend”! No wonder she’d advised him to take a bodyguard when they went around for a visit to Amber Fort. “Priyanka asked me to take a bodyguard with me and I found that very funny,” he says.

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