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    Default The Sen sisters are full of praises for each other

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    The Sen sisters have always been admired in Bollywood, for different reasons though. The elder one, Riya Sen, is known for her glamorous and sexy image, where as the younger sis, Raima Sen is known for some very serious and challenging performances. Now, the two sisters are coming together for the first time in Rituparno Ghosh’s ‘Noukadubi’ and both will be playing roles which are apparently just the opposite of their images. Where Riya plays a de-glam village housewife, Raima will be playing a sophisticated woman.
    Insiders say that initially Riya felt that Raima’s character had greater strength, prominence, and scope as compared to hers, but then she went ahead as her role was challenging too.
    Both the sisters are full of praises and admiration for each other. Speaking about her experience of working with Riya, Raima said, “It was nice to watch her do such a complex character. She was so easy and comfortable on the sets and with the director. Everyone pampered her silly! This is the first time I’ve played such a mature character in Rituda’s film. I play the character of a learned and sophisticated woman who holds her own in any situation. It’s quite a contrast from Riya’s character who plays a naïve village belle.”
    Riya stated, “Raima pampered me silly on the sets. Right from organizing the best make up vans and acquainting me with the staff in Kolkata, she was always a phone call away and kept everything prepared for me! Sometimes I felt I was treated like a baby, it felt like my first film.”

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