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    Default I have always seen myself as a glamorous girl

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    I have always seen myself as a glamorous girl

    Preity Zinta’s Deepa Mehta directed Heaven On Earth is releasing coming Friday in it’s Hindi version titled Videsh. The film is a film about young girls who get married abroad not knowing what will follow in their lives.

    Women abuse has become a part of many of these womens’ lives. Preity tells us that when she is old and retired she can look back and feel proud to say that she had been a part of a film like Videsh.

    “I have put my heart and soul into it. If people don’t appreciate me I will not be dejected and see to it that I work harder and make people appreciate my work.” says the dimpled actress.

    Preity tells us, “For the last ten years I have seen myself as a glamorous and modern girl. I have wanted to do something different and which will take me to a different level.

    It’s a full bodied role. It’s like an onion peel which unearths new layers when you peel off the cover. It took me into altogether a different zone and power of the mind something that I had never imagined about.

    As a race we Indians are fantastic but at times there are certain things we brush under the carpet. We as women who are individuals with our own rights should stand up and fight against it.”

    But was it difficult for someone like her who has been a regular in commercial cinema? “Well you can’t forget that my first film was about a teenage girl who is an unwed mother.

    If the job is put in front of me I have to shoulder it. It’s my responsibility and not a burden. During shooting we often take strong cinematic liberties and a little of surrealism. The film is a slice of someone else’s life.

    Chand my character has to get out of her abused life and use her inspiration to go forge ahead. This film does not take too many liberties.” Preity replies.

    You are working opposite a complete raw actor in the film, Vansh Bharadwaj. How difficult or easy was it? “See, I don’t take a film thinking where it is going to take me. No star would take up role thinking that it will take him places.

    Being the kind of film it is I don’t think any star would take up Rocky’s role (that’s Vansh’s character in the film). Established stars would come with an image and would not be able to perform the role with the same passion. I am proud of the film.” she concludes.

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