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    Default The Secret of Akshay Kumar’s Strength-Women!

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    Akshay Kumar

    He may be a daredevil doing all his stunts himself, but when it comes to mental toughness, Kumar insists women are in the forefront. “I see it in my wife, my mother and even my mother-in-law; women have a lot more mental resilience,” Akshat says. Kumar maintains that his wife has been an exemplary human being having put aside her profession as an actor to be the central pivot at home. “She is much calmer and stronger than me.

    It’s not easy to leave the industry but she has done it and successfully moved onto another project,” asserts Kumar proudly. “I have become more cautious and avoid un-necessary risks. I will not repeat some of the stunts that I did earlier; they give me a great rush but I have my son and my wife,” said he. Here is one actor who is ‘fighting fit’ even today, Kumar continues to be the ultimate ‘action hero’.

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