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    Default When Satish Kaushik slapped Tushar Kapoor

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    Have things gone wrong between thick friends, Satish Kaushik and Tusshar Kapoor? Yes, that is the first reactive thought that will occur to every mind when they hear that Satish Kaushik slapped Tusshar Kapoor. But this is not all, Kaushik slapped himself about seven times too. Confused? The slapping was a part of their role play in the movie HUM TUM SHABANA. In the movie, Kaushik's character, Chacha has a habit of slapping other people when he is happy and slapping himself when he is sad. 'It was tough for me to slap Tusshar. He is such a dear boy to me and my character demanded me to slap him. And it was equally tough to slap my own self. I had slapped myself almost seven times,' shares Kaushik.


    After Kaushik directed Tusshar in MUJHE KUCH KEHNA HAI, the two didn't get any chance to work together again. This is the first movie in which the both of them have shared the screen space. 'Tusshar is a very talented and understated actor. I am glad we got to work together after such a long time,' says Kaushik.

    This Jodi will soon be working together again. Kaushik will be directing MUJHE KUCH KEHNA HAI - 2 and Tushar will be seen in a double role in the movie. This is the first time Kaushik is going to direct and out and out comedy movie, instead of his regular genre of romance. 'I realized it is time to do something different. I have been so busy making people laugh with my acting, so I thought why not direct something and make my audience laugh more,' says Kaushik.

    The next movie that Kaushik will be seen in is RASCALS. He will soon be shooting for an international film titled PROMISE DAD in London and start working on his directorial venture MKKH-2.

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    lol Tusshar us motu ko mar bhe nahi payega bachha

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    nice one



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