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    Default Sanjay supports all teams

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    Sanjay Dutt
    is a real sport, man.

    We all know that. And so what if he’s not out there in South Africa cheering for the IPL teams? He has other sporting things on his mind, and don’t think naughty, alright? Recently, Dutt joined a bunch of our media gang while we were watching a game of European football (Chelsea v/s Barcelona), and if the excitement and thrill of the game (and those gorgeous hunks on the field) wasn’t enough for our adrenaline rush, Sanju had all of us on the edge of our seats.

    He was in a mood to rib his buddies, and sit back and watch the drama unfold. Every time someone would cheer... ‘Go Chelsea’, he’d scream‘Go Barcelona’. And if someone insisted he was an Arsenal fan, Sanju would shout, ‘Yeah Man-U’. And if someone rooted for ‘Real Madrid’, he’d yell, ‘Love you Chelsea’. And in all the chaos, no one knew who was rooting for which team, even as Sanju was in splits watching the sporting encounter.

    Kya ya Sanju, no loyalties, huh? He quickly added, “I support all teams. Whichever team plays well has my support.” Tsk, tsk, baba is so politically correct! We’re only talking about games here; the Deadly Dutt on a campaign trail is not the same as cheering, no?

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