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    Default Sanjay studies Gangs!

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    Besides acting and re-building his physique, what is Sanjay Dutt

    The actor is busy reading up on gangs. He tells us, “Ross Kemp’s book Gangs and his documentary on the same has left me awe struck. The man has travelled the world and interviewed gang-leaders — from Rio de Janeiro to Orange County, from El Salvador to St Louis, from Jamaica to East Timor, from Liverpool to Belize. I wonder how he convinced them for interviews in the first place. He must’ve gone through hell.

    He has even been threatened and put at gunpoint. He next plans to go to Afghanistan. You journalists must do something like that,” Dutt animatedly suggested. Meanwhile, the actor — who is trying hard at working on his physique — has given up alcohol completely and has become a bookworm of sorts. “I was always a reader, more so when I am sober,” he guffawed.

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