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    Default Sanjay–Kangana in political expose!

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    In all these decades as a movie actor Dutt has never done a hardcore political thriller before.

    But now that he’s had a first-hand-taste of neta-giri Dutt is ready to face the music. A hardcore political drama occupying the same gritty space as Neeraj Pandey’s A Wednesday is just what the box-office doctors ordered for Dutt.

    Sanjay Dutt, who returned to Mumbai after two months of shooting in Cape Town, has set aside all his assignments to do a new film that promises to give him a new political image.

    The untitled thriller
    set in real time will have no songs and frills and only three main characters who never come face to face.

    Shockingly, the film to be directed by the Hyderabad-based Mani Shankar (whose last espionage film Mukhbiir was critically acclaimed) is about siphoning and laundering of trillions of dollars worth of money taken out from India and being placed in unknown resources the world over.

    Sanjay Dutt and Irrfan Khan (the latter surreptitiously moving away from Sanjay Gupta’s territory into Dutt’s field) play two government agents from different walks of life, who come together to raise 32,000 crore rupees in 2 hours.

    The two-hour thriller will unfold in real time from 11 am to 1 pm.
    Even more interestingly Kangna Ranaut, who teams up with Dutt for the first time, never meets Dutt in the film.

    The film, to be produced by Sohail Makhlai, brings back Mani Shankar to Mumbai to team up with Sanjay Dutt with whom he had last done the cryptic Rudra.

    When contacted Mani was reluctant to say anything. “I’m under a confidentiality clause. But the film is partly based on what I saw and heard when I was on the staff in the Prime Minister’s office between 1994-1995. As part of his advisory team, during my travels all over the world with the PM, I heard things that never left my mind. I knew some day I’d make a film about what I knew from the whispers in the corridors of power.”

    The expose, when put on screen, promises to blow the lid off many international financial scandals where India has beeen involved. This is indeed a political thriller that starts where other films of the genre end.

    Dutt, of course, is rejoicing. He gets to play a man who takes on the politicians from the inside.



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