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    Default Sanjay Dutt Will Produce Sequel Of Kaante Movie

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    Sanjay Dutt Will Produce Sequel Of Kaante Movie

    The multi-starrer finds a sequel. Most of the cast retained but not the director

    It's official Kaante will finally have a sequel. It will be co-produced by Sanjay Dutt Productions and Pritish Nandy Communications. While most of the cast will be retained, director Sanjay Gupta has been shown the door.

    Says Dutt, "When Pritish came to me and narrated a line on Kaante 2, I flipped. It will be bigger and better than the original and will be one of the biggest action films shot abroad.

    Sanjay Gupta won't direct the sequel. We have a famous director on board."

    New texture

    Adds Pritish, "Sanju had approached me first with Kaante. Gupta came on board later. Sanju and I have been planning Kaante 2 for a while. The idea is to use the original people in the cast, maybe barring Lucky Ali.

    Though the characters died in the film we have devised a technique to use the same actors. The sequel will also have a few young stars to give the film a different texture. We plan to begin shooting early next year."

    He adds, "The first draft of the script will be ready within a fortnight. We will put in place the cast immediately thereafter. We are already in discussions with everyone. This will be our biggest production ever."
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